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As an artist, sometimes you feel the need of approval from others, even if you have proven yourself before. I have suffered from this from time to time. I’ve had designs printed by several mayor t-shirt sites with a wide range of different styles and themes, but still, I was waiting for an opportunity like this one. I’m a regular artist at Shirt.Woot, so it means that basically all of my designs come from competing on their derbies. But every time I’ve won at one of their weekly competitions, its been with a totally original design, no pop-culture involved. I’ve been wanting to win with a pop-culture related design, maybe to prove myself that I’m capable of doing it. I’ve had several successful pop-culture related designs printed before, but for some reason, I still needed that Woot winning. Maybe if the case was different, and I just had pop-culture related wins and no original designs, I would probably be complaining at that too. Maybe that means I’ll never be 100% satisfied with my work, and that’s a good thing because it will make me want to achieve more and better goals in this awesome scene we call shirt designing.

Now for the cool part. My design for last week’s derby “Inspired by Vintage Posters” won 3rd place! This is that design I as talking about before, the pop-culture related design that I needed to win for some reason. I’ve always love Pinup girls art and vintage posters, so basically this one was a no brainer when the idea bursted in mi head. Hope you like it as much as I do and buy it for yourself or for someone that’ll love it!

Contest Alert! Want to win a Free “Vintage Trooper” tshirt? Just go to my Fan Page and leave a comment, ‘Like’, and ‘Share‘ the post for your chance to win! All new Fan Page “LIKES” will have DOUBLE chances!!!

“Vintage Trooper” available @Shirt.Woot

Available @Shirt.Woot

Available @Shirt.Woot

Let’s party!

It’s about time I showed up here, right guys? I’ve been missing for some weeks now, but I’m back. The reason I’m here today is to announce that my design “Party Animal” was selected as an Editor’s Choice at Shirt.Woot. This design has competed two times and finally made it as a real Tee. I was very attached to this design since the beginning, and seen it been featured makes me a happy designer. Thanks for all the votes and comments during those two weeks, and for making this a wooters favorite!

I’m running a contest this week at my Facebook Fan Page (Primitive Tool). So make sure to visit and participate for a change of a free “Party Animal” shirt.

I might update this post later today with some other news that might be appearing during the day ;)
Party Animal @Shirt.Woot

Party Animal @Shirt.Woot full

To an Adventure

Today I celebrate another awesome milestone on this adventure I call a hobbit hobby. One of my favourite designs of all times, “Home is…” is being featured at ShirtPunch right now. I had to change the design a little bit, per their request, but it’s awesome to have it available for print. One of the most important things I’ve learned in this journey is that, doing what you love makes you the happiest person in the world. And today is one of those days that I have a huge smile on my heart. I’m really grateful of the opportunities that I’ve been given to share my designs with the world. Now, off to the next adventure (insert Bilbo’s voice here).

Home is @ShirtPunch

Party and Rocksteady!

Every week, every derby, every design is a new challenge. And sometimes challenges can be… well… challenging. This past week’s theme was “Personality Traits”. Yes I know, its sooooo abstract. The good thing about this is that you can design almost anything, and still be on theme. It didn’t take me long to commit to an idea (and that doesn’t happen too often – this meant that I really believed in that idea). I chose the phrase “party animal” as my concept. I researched different wild animals to see which one I could use for my design, and when a picture of a rhinoceros came up, I just knew that it was the one. I really love the final result, specially the contrast between his serious and tough face, and the fun party hat. 6 colors (+ halftones) on asphalt shirt. Hope you all like it and vote!

Party Animal

PartyAnimal ShirtComp

Rebels Against Machines

We need to always have in mind that not every design can be a winner. I measure the success of my designs, not by if they win a derby or not, but on how I feel after I finish it. And this week, I have a winner in my book. Not only I loved the concept from the beginning, but I’m really happy on how it looks now that it’s finished. The theme for this week was “Album Cover and TV Show Mash-Ups”. My design combines Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories album cover with one of the best sic-fi tv shows ever, Battlestar Galactica. I have to admit that I’ve only watched the most recent BG, but I felt the design was going to look awesome using the old series as a reference. The head of the Cylons and the helmets of the Viper pilots from the 70’s BG fitted almost perfectly into this concept. Hope you like it as much as I do, and vote for it HERE.

Rebels Against Machines

RebelsAgainstMachines ShirtComp

This is NOT an error

Every time I sit down to design a shirt there’s always a mandatory question I ask myself before staring. Would you wear that? If I answer YES, then I know I’ll be happy with the design no matter if it prints or not. That way I know I enjoyed the process. But its awesome when other people want to wear it too, like the good people at CaptainKYSO. They have decided to print another design of mine, “Did You Even Try?”.

It’s for sale today for only $15.

PrinterError CaptainKYSO ShirtComp

On different news, I have another design up for voting this week at Shirt.Woot. The theme for this week is “Classic Literature”. As a designer, you had to choose a book from the “Top 100 list on Project Gutenburg” and design a shirt around that. Because the holidays are near I choose “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Something I find very interesting about this story is that each one of the three Christmas ghosts have a particular description:

“… the Ghost of Christmas Past, a strange childlike phantom with a brightly glowing head…”
“…the Ghost of Christmas Present, a majestic giant clad in a green fur robe…”
“…the Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come a figure entirely muffled in a black hooded cloak…”

I based my design on those quotes and made my own modifications to make them original and interesting. My versions are medieval/fantasy characters. This is what I imagined when reading the description for the Christmas Present ghost. I knew that was the vibe I wanted in my design. The whole thing is treated as a beer bottle label, because, well because beer bottle labels are cool.

Three Ghosts Winter Ale

ThreeGhosts ShirtComp

Out of the dark

I’ve been so lazy these past few months with the updates on this page. I know that not a lot of people read it, but writing about my designs helps me grow a little bit more as an artist. Besides, some great stuff have happened thanks to having this page as a method of people learning more about my designs. An example of this is that some of my designs have been printed by the good people of CaptainKYSO. I am very excited to be part of their community. They are as professional and passionate about shirts as I am, and the quality of their blanks and printing is one of the best I’ve seen out there. So if you are looking for original and cool shirts make sure to visit them, you won’t be disappointed.

Now, let’s talk about my design this week. The theme for this derby was a little bit strange, “Emojis & Emoticons”. I say strange, but maybe what I really mean is that even if it sounds that simple, it is not. Emojis and emoticons are basically a style of “art” by themselves, and using them as a base for a design is more complicated that it looks. I knew that I had to come up something that appealed to the pop-culture crowd. I didn’t want to complicate things more by designing a shirt that only a few people would understand. I started my research by looking at Japanese emojis. I’ve always find them cool, creative and sometimes even weird, and I like weird. I then thought of creating a creature out of symbols and text. And that’s when the name Cthulhu popped in my head. It is an extremely popular character around the internet and geeky communities, so it seemed logical to use it as a base. For those of you who don’t know it, this monster first appears in the short story “The Call of Cthulhu” by H.P. Lovecraft, hence the title of my design “The Text of Cthulhu”. I hope you like it as much as I do and vote for it.

“The Text of Cthulhu”

“In his house at R’lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.”
– H.P. Lovecraft