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60x60 Medium Publication Avatar

60x60 Medium Publication Avatar
335px × 335px
Image Template

Medium has confusing guidance when it comes to the ideal size for a publication avatar! The help center article says 60 by 60 pixels is the perfect size, but the uploader in settings recommends 1000px. With Kapwing, you can make a publication avatar the perfect size. Use this template to make a 60x60 Medium Publication Avatar for your blog and set the exact pixel dimension. Upload your icon or logo to this image resizer, then make the background transparent or erase the background for better results. Then, export and upload to the Medium website under "Homepage and settings." The avatar appears with your stories across Medium. Recommended size: Square, at least 1000 pixels per side. With Kapwing, you can export as a PNG / JPG or export as a GIF if your Medium Publication Avatar is animated.

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