Pirate (space)Ship

Sneaky ninjas, always getting away with everything. But not this week, it’s time for different adventures. This week’s theme is all about Pirates, even though it is called “Take that, Ninja”. I wanted to go back to the “artistic style” rather than the “funny concept”. I’ve always been fascinated by space travel and spaceships, and thought it would be to be cool to place a pirate ship on space. Why keep pirates at sea, when they can go beyond that. Not even the sky can limit their travels and treasure hunting!

I used some old Photoshop techniques to create the planet, so the surface pattern is very random. And as for the “clouds”, I used the same brushes and a similar technique I used on “Elements of Life”

Update (03/01/12): +715 votes / 3rd place

Pirate (space)Ship