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As an artist, sometimes you feel the need of approval from others, even if you have proven yourself before. I have suffered from this from time to time. I’ve had designs printed by several mayor t-shirt sites with a wide range of different styles and themes, but still, I was waiting for an opportunity like this one. I’m a regular artist at Shirt.Woot, so it means that basically all of my designs come from competing on their derbies. But every time I’ve won at one of their weekly competitions, its been with a totally original design, no pop-culture involved. I’ve been wanting to win with a pop-culture related design, maybe to prove myself that I’m capable of doing it. I’ve had several successful pop-culture related designs printed before, but for some reason, I still needed that Woot winning. Maybe if the case was different, and I just had pop-culture related wins and no original designs, I would probably be complaining at that too. Maybe that means I’ll never be 100% satisfied with my work, and that’s a good thing because it will make me want to achieve more and better goals in this awesome scene we call shirt designing.

Now for the cool part. My design for last week’s derby “Inspired by Vintage Posters” won 3rd place! This is that design I as talking about before, the pop-culture related design that I needed to win for some reason. I’ve always love Pinup girls art and vintage posters, so basically this one was a no brainer when the idea bursted in mi head. Hope you like it as much as I do and buy it for yourself or for someone that’ll love it!

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“Vintage Trooper” available @Shirt.Woot

Available @Shirt.Woot

Available @Shirt.Woot

1980 Strikes Once Again

Hey everyone, my design “1980 Strikes Back” is up for voting @Qwertee. Just sign in, comment and vote! It’s very easy and everyone can join in. Let’s make this one happen! It’s already making good numbers.

1980, the awesome year when Pacman was released in Japan and The Empire Strikes Back movie came out.

Story: Blinky asks his new ghost friends to help him against the evil Pac-Man, who already ate 3 of his defenseless buddies. Now the ghosts will Strike Back…

1980 Strikes Back

Oh yes! I’m really excited about this week’s derby, “The year you were born: Redux”. The idea behind this theme is to design something related to the year you as an artist were born. And what do you know, two awesome events happened the year I was born, the game “Pacman” was released and the movie “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” came out. The year was the great 1980. I immediately thought I had some advantage against a lot of the other designer because of the cool things that happened that year. Plus I was one of the few that was allowed to design something related to Star Wars, and actually be on theme.

I started with a completely different design, but then I came up with this new idea which is more powerful as a concept. The idea behind my design is that Blinky asks his new ghost friends to help him against the evil Pac-Man, who already ate 3 of his defenseless buddies. Now the ghosts will Strike Back… His three new friends happen to be ghost forms of Darth Vader, a SnowTrooper and Boba Fett.

Update (02/21/12): This makes me sad, my design was rejected this late in the derby. I don’t have a computer home, so I rely on the computer I have at work (hope that’ll change soon). This means I cannot revisit a design during the weekends and it will be too late if I resubmit it tomorrow. Ohh well, till Thursday again.

1980 Strikes Back