Doomsday Print!

Yesterday my design “Fire and Ice” – a Robert Frost poem – won 2nd place from the Poetry Illustrated derby. This is my third design being printed by Shirt.Woot. I am so thrilled about this, three designs in a span of two months exactly. It’s been an awesome 2012 and all thanks to the support of each voter. I’ll keep working hard to submit cool and interesting designs. Keep an eye on my blog for information on new designs and submissions.

Now, buy your “Fire and Ice” shirt, or buy it for someone else. Spread the word, share this page with everyone you know :)

Yo Ho Ho, to space we go!

I can barely contain the excitement. This is my second print at Woot, in exactly one month. I’m starting to think the number 4 is my new lucky number. My first print was on February 4th and the second one today, March 4th. Even though the first time I won second place and this time third, more people voted for this design. I was starting to think that I wasn’t going to win this week because the competition was really tough, but thanks to everyone that voted, we can all enjoy the design and bring it home with us.

Thank You!