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Let’s party!

It’s about time I showed up here, right guys? I’ve been missing for some weeks now, but I’m back. The reason I’m here today is to announce that my design “Party Animal” was selected as an Editor’s Choice at Shirt.Woot. This design has competed two times and finally made it as a real Tee. I was very attached to this design since the beginning, and seen it been featured makes me a happy designer. Thanks for all the votes and comments during those two weeks, and for making this a wooters favorite!

I’m running a contest this week at my Facebook Fan Page (Primitive Tool). So make sure to visit and participate for a change of a free “Party Animal” shirt.

I might update this post later today with some other news that might be appearing during the day 😉
Party Animal @Shirt.Woot

Party Animal @Shirt.Woot full


One thought on “Let’s party!

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